Keičiami antgaliai – STRONG.
Dėl savo ypač stiprios vandens srovės, SoWash STRONG (Stiprus) antgalis gali būti naudojamas tik šiek tiek atsukus vandens krano srovę ir, jei reikia, palaipsniui didinant srovę iki norimo stiprumo.
ATSARGIAI: Antgalis turi būti kreipiamas tik į tarpdančius. Dėl stiprios vandens srovė galios, antgalis niekada neturėtų būti nukreiptas tiesiogiai į dantenų apykakles.


The SoWash “Strong Water Jet” tip with its powerful and precise water jet allows a deep interdental cleansing, perfect for bridges or implants.

And precisely because of its particularly strong water jet, the “Strong WaterJet” tip can be used by just slightly opening the faucet and, if necessary, gradually increasing it to the desired pressure.

CAUTION: Due to the power of the water jet, it should never be directly aimed at the gingival collar but only toward the interdental spaces.

It can be easily mounted directly on the handle of the SoWash system.

The blister pack contains 2 hydro-jet Strong picks with rings of different colours in order to personalize and to distinguish the accessories of each family member.

(All SoWash accessories are interchangeable. It is possible to mount on the handle of the same SoWash system the hydro-jet pick, the hydro-pulser pick, the hydro-toothbrush, Ball-Spray pick and the hydro-interdental brush.)

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