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The SoWash Sonic Toothbrush, thanks to its high stroke count that can be adjusted according to 5 different settings, removes up to 100% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, helping to improve gum health and maintain whiter teeth.


The brushstroke of the SoWash Sonic toothbrush bristles allows you to brush your teeth with the correct vertical movement, not circular, as recommended by dentists.


SoWash Sonic guarantees a deep cleaning between each tooth and along the gum line.


It can be shared with the whole family thanks to the inclusion of 4 interchangeable brush heads.


Main characteristics:

• With an oscillating movement for a correct vertical sweep ,as directed by the dentists.
• Removes more plaque in respect to a regular toothbrush.
• Assisting in the health of the gums.
• Helping to maintain teeth whiter.
• Secure and delicate.
• 5 modes for use:
   • Clean: 31.000 vibrations per minute- oscillating angle 3mm
   • White: 41.000 vibrations per minute – oscillating angle 6mm
   • Polish: 48.000 vibrations per minute – oscillating angle 3mm
   • Massage : 31.000 vibrations per minute – oscillating angle from 3-1mm
   • Sensitive : 31.000 vibrations per minute – oscillating angle 2mm         
• Automatic shut off after 2 minutes
• 30 second interval for changing brushing areas ( Quad Timer )
• Up to 1 month of use ( or 180 minutes of use with one charge)
• Sound level <65 db
• Shaped bristle  for a better cleaning between one tooth and another and along the gingival sulcus
• 4 toothbrush heads with medium bristles included
• IPX7 waterproof
• Bright light battery indicator
• Rechargeable battery induction    


The package contains:

• 1 motorized brush handle
• 1 induction charging base
• 4 brush heads with medium bristles
• 1 toothbrush cover
• Manual

You can download the complete manual in:

 English – Italian – French – German – Spanish – Portuguese – Polish – Russian – Ukrainian – Romanian

Declaration of compliance: 
English – Italian 

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