What Is TUNG?

About to use the TUNG Brush & Gel for the first time?

Be prepared to be a user for life.

It’s addictive. That’s what the vast majority of our customers tell us about our products. Take our challenge:  use it for 10 days every day and tell us honestly if that is not true!

Tongue Cleaning: Bad Breath Cure

The TUNG Brush™

Specifically designed by a dentist for the anatomy of the tongue, the short, firm bristles effectively and comfortably work through the sticky tongue plaque that forms over the irregular surface of the tongue penetrating the crevices and removing bacteria. The low profile and large head design allows for quick and efficient cleansing on the back portion of the tongue without gagging.

Tung Brush Package with Tung Gel SampleIt’s Quick and Easy!
Begin by running your TUNG Brush under warm water. After placing a bean-sized amount of TUNG Gel on the bristles, extend your tongue and lightly brush the tongue from the back toward the front for approximately 10 seconds.

Tip: After you brush and spit, extend your tongue again, take a deep breath and brush the back portion of the tongue quickly and spit again.

It is entirely up to you to determine how much pressure should be placed on the tongue. Go very light at first until your tongue gets used to it. Finally, watch what you spit out…it will be discolored. You won’t believe what you were packing around on your tongue.

For Best Results:

Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth
Replace your brush every three months when you replace your toothbrush.

Why Not Just Use Your Toothbrush?

Toothbrushes are designed specifically for the teeth and gums and are ineffective for removing bacteria from the tongue.

Tongue Brush vs. Tooth BrushThe long, soft bristles of a toothbrush over-flex and lie flat as they move across the tongue surface, rendering the effort ineffective as the plaque is pushed around rather than removed.

In addition, the narrow, high profile design quickly triggers the gag reflex as it approaches the back of the tongue. The TUNG Brush allows you to comfortably and effectively reach the back of the tongue where the majority of the odor-causing bacteria are located.

To top it off, it is a bad practice to brush your teeth with the same brush that was exposed to the high levels of bacteria on your tongue, because it has the potential to introduce those bacteria to your gums and bloodstream!

TUNG Gel: Fresh Mint, Bad Breath Cure


Ahhhh TUNG Gel! This completes the TUNG System.

TUNG Gel is a fresh, minty cleansing formula designed to help loosen and remove bacteria from the tongue crevices.
Our Zinc compound helps to neutralize the sulphur gas (what we smell as bad breath) emitted by the bacteria.

Bad Toothpaste!

Why Not Just Use Your Toothpaste?

Standard toothpastes often contain fluoride, teeth-whitening and tartar control chemicals that may cause tongue irritation. In addition, toothpaste is “sticky” and will gunk up your brush.

When that happens, it provides an environment that is perfect for the growth of bacteria when you’re not using your brush.

TUNG: Tongue Cleaning Gel

Don’t go there.

The highly water soluble TUNG Gel rinses clean, leaving no residue buildup on the brush or on your tongue. When finished, it leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath fresh.



Why Use TUNG?

Using a tongue brush is more important than you think.

Happy Couple with Fresh BreathClinical research proves that 90% of bad breath comes from gases produced by bacteria on the surface of the tongue! These are the same bacteria and gasses that can lead to gum disease.

The majority of this bacteria, and the debris it feeds upon, was found to be located primarily on the back of the tongue. The TUNG Brush™, the original tongue brush, is designed to allow you to comfortably reach far back on the tongue without gagging.

Treating bad breath by brushing your tongue is healthy for your whole body.

A clean tongue means fresh breath and a healthier bodyYour tongue’s irregular surface has numerous crevices where bacteria can hide. On top of those crevices, a mucous-like, sticky tongue plaque forms (that white film on the tongue we’re all familiar with). The TUNG Brush bristles are uniquely designed to break through this plaque and get inside those crevices, outperforming your toothbrush, whose bristles are too soft to get the job done, and tongue scrapers.

Tongue scrapers simply slide over the rough surface of your tongue, pushing that nasty film deeper into the crevices. In fact, tongue scrapers can actually damage your tongue.

Our TUNG Gel™ completes the tongue cleaning system. TUNG Gel is formulated with Zinc Oxide to neutralize all that gas emitted by the bacteria. It’s actually these gases that you smell when someone has halitosis, or bad breath. Because it’s healthy for your mouth to have a certain amount of bacteria, we do not use an anti-bacterial agent in the our gel.

“I love the TUNG brush — since I purchased mine, I’ve used it every day — WHAT A DIFFERENCE — AMAZING!! But it’s not just the TUNG brush that’s so great — the gel is fantastic. The taste is great – fresh, clean — not pasty like toothpaste — but SO refreshing. I love my TUNG brush and gel!!” -keys88 on Amazon.com

TUNG Brush and Gel Outperform Mouthwash!

Many mouthwashes contains alcohol which dry out the mouth. A dry mouth creates more even more bacteria and bad breath, which is why we all have bad breath in the morning. Even if the mouthwash does not have alcohol, it can not breakthrough the tongue coating which protects the bacteria in the nooks and crannies. Brushing with TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel is far more effective because the brush breaks through that coating, and the gel, which contains Zinc Chloride, neutralizes the gases produced by the bacteria. Read more about the latest research on mouthwash here.

Dentists and hygienists recommend a tongue brush as an essential component of fresh breath maintenance.


Science Behind TUNG

The Science behind the TUNG Brush & Gel Cleaning System

Biofilms: The latest in Dental Research regarding bacteria on the tongue.

Photo of Tongue Showing Bacteria that Cause Bad BreathProfessional researchers have gained a new understanding of bacterial behavior in the mouth and it revolves around Biofilms. These are colonies of tenacious, three dimensional masses of bacteria that are the major contributors to bad breath and periodontal disease located in the nooks and crannies of the tongue.

The importance of Biofilms lies in the fact that due to their genetic and physical makeup, these colonies of bacteria are 1,500 times more tolerant to antibiotics, antibacterial agents and the body’s immune system, than bacteria not in colony form.

Because of their tolerance to chemotherapeutic/antibacterial treatments, as well as their hard to reach location, the latest research recommends mechanical removal as the only effective way to penetrate and break up the mass.

The effectiveness of mouthwashes and antibacterial agents is very limited in the fight against bad breath. They typically provide only a mask to the odor and not a real solution to the problem.


Tongue Cleaning and Overall Health

Periodontal disease or gum disease as it is commonly known, is a condition whereby bacteria a gateway is provided for bacteria to reach the bloodstream in the gumline where the condition occurs. It’s like an open wound in the mouth. In moderate to severe cases, that wound approximates the size of the palm of the hand. It is this event, when bacteria enter the bloodstream that the individual’s overall health is compromised.

Research has shown that periodontal disease is directly linked to a wide variety of serious health conditions such as heart disease, esophageal cancer, early births, diabetes and respiratory complications.

Believe it or not, over 75% of individuals over the age of 35 in the US alone have some form of gum disease. Diabetics are especially at risk. The chances of their condition worsening over time is six times higher if that diabetic has gum disease.

Research shows that the bacteria on the tongue is one of the primary factors directly responsible for the onset of gum disease. Specifically, it’s the sulphur gases, released by the bacteria, that have been shown to be the culprit in the formation of periodontal pockets between the gumline and the teeth. It is in these pockets where even more bacteria collect making the condition worse until the gateway develops for bacteria to enter the circulatory system.

We used to think it was just about bad breath. Think again; your life could depend upon it.  So make tongue cleansing a ritual when you brush your teeth and floss. The beauty of TUNG Brush and Gel is that it takes less than 10 seconds to get it right.

We planned it that way…Because It Matters.

Protect Your Health with the TUNG Brush & Gel Tongue Cleaning System

Cleaning your tongue should be as automatic as brushing your teeth. The latest studies show that bacteria on the tongue can lead to gum disease and gum disease can lead to heart disease, diabetes, early births and more. Start cleaning your tongue with TUNG today.


Why Not Tongue Scrapers?

Why a Tongue Scraper is Not the Best Tool for the Job

Tooth brushes are designed for the teeth and gums, the TUNG Brush and Gel is designed to clean the tongue. Scrapers are designed to remove frost from your windshield.

Tongue scrapers have been around for centuries and were a great idea 2,000 years ago when there were no other choices. Yes, even then people knew the tongue needed to be cleaned.

Tongue Scraper ineffectively gliding over the tongue

The rigid edge of these primitive instruments make it impossible to reach the bacteria deep down in the nooks and crannies of the tongue. For example, using a scraper on the tongue is like trying to scrape peanut butter off a piece of sandpaper; it can’t be done. Prior to TUNG, many dental professionals recommended scrapers but would caution you about the scraper’s ability to damage the tongue if not used properly. A tongue scraper has the potential to actually damage your tongue.

In addition, many dental hygienists are concerned with their patients lack of compliance. They find that because scraping our tongue is very unpleasant and unappealing, we tend to skip this step in our oral care routine.

The TUNG Brush changed all that. Studies have shown that the TUNG Brush as a tongue cleaning tool is much more appealing to the average consumer than the alternatives. In fact, 91% of consumers tested preferred the TUNG Brush to any other tongue cleaning tool available, including tongue scrapers, in a study conducted by Nova Southeastern University.

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