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The SoWash “Ball-Spray” tip with its exclusive “spray” effect jet provides a delicate interdental cleaning, the removal of subgingival plaque and a deep rinsin.

Compared to the „water jet” tip, the „Ball-Spray” tip has a more wide open jet, not sprayed, so it is more delicate and suitable for sensitive gums.

It can be easily mounted directly on the handle of the SvoWash system.

The blister pack contains 2 “Ball-Spray” picks with rings of different colours in order to personalize and to distinguish the accessories of each family member.

(All SoWash accessories are interchangeable. It is possible to mount on the handle of the same SoWash system the hydro-jet pick, the hydro-pulser pick, the hydro-toothbrush, Ball-Spray, and the hydro-interdental brush.)

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BALL-SPRAY antgalis – 2 vnt.