Born from the Water Powered research, SoWash Vortice is the only water jet tip for dental hygiene (int. Pat. Pend.) with three pulsating jets merging on the same point which, with alternate action from three different angles, create a whirlpool effect that removes even the most resistant food particles with power and efficiency, for superior cleaning!

Thanks to the three pulsating jets, Vortice also performs a beneficial gum massage, ideal for sensitive and bleeding gums.

Vortice tip is available in two versions:

– Orthodontic Active: Ideal for irregular teeth or for people with orthodontic appliances;

– Spacer: Ideal for regular teeth.


2 Vortice Orthodontic Active tips or 2 Vortice Spacer  tips.

Important: To add Vortice tips to your shopping cart, you must select the version (Orthdontic Active or Spacer) in the box at the bottom of this page.

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